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Peonies by Jane Eastoe

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

There is a sense of drama in the construction of the peony flower. It is apparently so innocent in form, yet even the simple five -petalled blooms carry exotic trims, splashes, stripes, fringes, washes and freckles to draw the eye to the heart of the flower.”

The layout of this book, in many ways, is perfect. With chapters titled Pure, Dramatic, Romantic and Fragrant that lead right to the heart of what all peony lovers desire.

Each feature page includes the peony name, authors personal description, breeder, variety

standards and care and an attractive photo.

Peony visuals are always a plus and the ones found in this book are captivating and charming. Georgianna Lane displays a high level of art through photography with clean crisp images throughout the whole book.

The chapter “Growing and Care” finishes this book with a perfect blend of enjoyment and education.

This lovely book is gift worthy for any peony enthusiast or to add to your own peony library. Order "Peonies" by Jane Eastoe from our store, or if you're in the Chicagoland area, contact us for arrangements featuring this beautiful flower!

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